Nom Nom

Nom Nom is looking for partners for it's pilot program. If you want to enter your restaurant, hotel, pool, beach or fast-food in this program, or if you want more information, please contact us.

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More happy clients, less invested money!

Even in the current personnel crysis.

Give your clients a unique experience and the quality services they are looking for, without expensive hardware or more personnel.

The paradigm of the future is: "Or client is our partner!"

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How it Works

For users

For employees

Why Nom Nom?

There are many solutions available, here is how Nom Nom can help:

For the users of the app, Nom Nom represents a way of winning back the lost time! Even duting rush hour, you can benefit from the fastest possible service. Scan the QR code or touch the NFC tag on the table, see the menu, add what you want and order.

Everyone at the table can order independently and can see their personal tab or the whole table. Forget about the complex calculations when splitting the bill.

Install the app and create an account. This process lasts less than 1 minute, and the app can then be used in any partner location.


Nom Nom aims to provide a better experiente both for your clients and for your employees!

The platform provides access to the digital menu and offers the posibility to order. This means less trips and less time spent waiting during rush hour. Of course, the client has the ability to request staff assistance if he wants to get a suggestion or if he a question!

Nom Nom does not try to replace the client - waiter relationship, but only wants to make it better!

If a client does not wish to use the platform, the waiter can place the order for that client using the app for the staff. This is also a modern way to take notes and to place orders.

All items orders, both by the client and the staff, are visible to all. This means that there will be less mistakes or concerns when the bill is delivered.

Happy clients are more willing to show their gratitude for the staff. A lot of times this is also reflected in bigger tips! Not only do we want the staff to use our platform and to benefit from the gratitude of the clients, but we also actively try to make sure of this.

More tables served mean more happy clients!

How it Works

Simple. Fast. NOM NOM

The platform has 3 apps, each for a specific segment.

The Nom Nom team is constantly working on improving the platform and on adding new features. If you tested one of our apps and have feedback, please contact us.


Install the app and create an account. Once this is done, the app cand be used in any of our partner locations. You can use the map to discover locations near you.

Scan the code on the table, in your room, near your sunbed etc.

View the menu, add items in the cart and order.

Invite your friends that are with you to order from their own phone. This way, you will always know how much each one of you has to pay.

Ask for staff assistance or request the bill at any time.


The administration app is available here.

In this app you can fill in all the necessary details about the company, the location, the menu and the staff.

Contact us to activate the company.

Print the QR codes from the app and place them on the table, in the room etc, in a visible spot. If you want a different design for the codes, custom instruction or to use NFC tags, please contact us for more details.

Link the staff with your location using the activation codes generated in the app.


Install the app and create an account. Once this is done, the app cand be used in any of our partner locations. The same account can be used as a client at these locations.

When a client orders something, requests assistance or the bill, you will receive a notification with the details about his reqeust. All active requests can be seen in the app as well.

You have current information about the state of the tables, the orders and client requests all the time.

Add items to the existing order.

Confirm that the bill was payed and clise the table so that it can be used by the next client.


Prices start from 25 Euro per month, depending on your needs. Contact us for more information.